Cursed Series

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Ever After Inhaltsangabe

Fans of Twilight are listening to this! 

Her dreams weren't dreams. They were memories. 

In order to fully inherit a millionaire's fortune, Allie Knowles must survive a month on her property - easier said than done when the enormous house is haunted by a violent ghost who claims to know Allie. But the true mystery lies with Cole Kinsley, the handsome groundskeeper. 

Cole and Allie have never met, though he's been driving her wild in her dreams for years. Yet now, every effort to get closer to him pushes him further away. 

Cole has only ever loved one soul, and that love has endured for centuries. Now, that soul rests within Allie's body, and it takes everything in his power not to confess the truth. For her presence has put them both in mortal danger. 

Racing against the clock, Allie will have to break the ghost's curse - or history will be doomed to repeat itself.

©2015 Odessa Gillespie Black (P)2019 Odessa Gillespie Black
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