Conjure the Storm

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The Secret Past Inhaltsangabe

Magic? Secret organizations that have existed for hundreds of years? It's all just fairy tales, right? Or is it? 

Catrin Geddings is just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl whose thoughts can sometimes stop the rain or move the clouds. Nothing extravagant, just something she does. Or so she thinks. 

Until a strange man shows up in a coffee shop. A stranger who belongs to a secret organization she's never heard of that's out to see her dead. 

Catrin is drawn into a life she never knew existed when her mother reveals the truth of why she can do things others cannot. Witches? Spells? It's just superstitious mumbo jumbo, right? At least that's what she always believed. 

In the first audiobook of this thrilling urban fantasy serial, Catrin must learn to expand and control the powers she has inherited. She must stand against the dark forces out to exterminate her kind and accept a past she could never have imagined. 

Note: This is a serial, and the audiobooks must be listened to in order.

©2019 Brenda Richards (P)2019 Brenda Richards
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