Coming of Age in the Dust Bowl

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An Unsung Hero: Coming of Age in the Dust Bowl Inhaltsangabe

Growing in a small Texas town in the midst of the Great Depression, pummeled by the mighty dust storms so devastating that the region was known as the “Dust Bowl”, and coping with a diagnosis of tuberculosis at age 15, Jimmy Ray Lewis and his family experienced hardship, loss, and community rejection. This audiobook is the story of forgiveness, family strength, and faith that life would be better if they could just “keep on keeping on”.

It is a story of a simple life before modern bathrooms, electricity, paved roads and highways, or radios when neighbors helped neighbors and a person's word was his bond. A time when the audible utterance of the words “damn” or “hell” could result in ejection from a store or cafe. Jimmy and friends entertained themselves with homemade stilts and scooters, warred across the neighborhood with rubber guns, and the worst Halloween prank was putting a potato in a neighbor's exhaust pipe. The era and the values it represented became the foundation shared by the members of the Greatest Generation.

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