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Clueless Clyde in Costa Rica Inhaltsangabe

Is Male Menopause Treatable? Clyde seeks a cure in Costa Rica. Clyde is almost 50, recently divorced, and wonders will he ever have sex again? He overhears a conversation that changes his life. Two men his age talk about their trip to Costa Rica and the women there, so friendly and available (and affordable). So begins Clyde's journey into a world he never imagined: a life of sex, adventure, and misadventure in tropical Costa Rica: a beautiful but mystifying and sometimes exasperating land far removed from his native Cleveland. He's definitely not in Ohio any more.

At Long Last... Whoopee!

She wasn't bad looking, but she was just not in Vanessa's class. She had a warm smile and was a little thicker than Clyde preferred, but what the hell? Back in Cleveland she would be a ten! Clyde took her by the hand to the bed, sat her down and sat next to her. Without much further ado, he began to undress her. She seemed a little surprised by his directness. Clyde noticed her discomfort and it bothered him a little. This was his first experience ever with a prostitute. How was he supposed to know the protocol? But he told himself, "I paid for this, and she's the pro here. She must have dealt with a lot worse than this. I'll just slow down a little."

Whether it was because he slowed down a little, or she didn't really mind, she eventually warmed up and seemed to be enjoying herself. Once they had gotten down to business, Clyde found himself finishing embarrassingly early. This hadn't happened to him since the early days of his marriage. But the girl didn't seem to mind at all, and just cuddled up next to him and played with his chest hair.

If it had been over a decade since he had come too soon, it had been at least that long since he was ready to go again in a half hour, as he was now.

©2013 Thomas Ray O'Brien (P)2014 Thomas Ray O'Brien
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