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Act of Congress Inhaltsangabe

My job is everything to me. No time for or interest in relationships, I work hard and I’m damn good at what I do.
Riding high on the success of my last client, I’m excited to find out what my boss has lined up next.
Business, sport, entertainment, I’m ready for long as it’s not politics.  

I came to Washington with fire in my belly and clear on what I wanted to achieve.
Passionate about making a difference for the people of my state & others like them, I was ready to fight.
Then reality set in.
Surrounded by scheming , self serving manipulators, I lost my way and the flames are nearly out.
Until she came along and I realise the fight is only just beginning.  

Sometimes the last thing you want turns out to be exactly what you need.
Sometimes the thing you’ve been avoiding all your life becomes the one thing you can’t imagine living without.
Sometimes all it takes is an act of congress...  

Client Liaison Series are interconnected standalone titles and can be enjoyed separately, though you’ll get great reader enjoyment following the series as it is intended.  

©2018 Amelia Oliver (P)2018 Amelia Oliver
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