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Dark Labyrinth: The Nine Hells Inhaltsangabe

A fantastic voyage through the nine hells of the underworld, where the worse nightmares live. The heroine has to find her way through the maze with the help of her protector, a Demigod. On their journey they find dangers and terrors indescribable, but also allies and new friends.

Mythology meets modern day. When a modern woman is thrown into the bowels of Hell, can she survive and grow accustom to her surroundings? Can she be the key to bringing down an evil empire? A pause-resisting listen, not only because of the story but because you fall in love with the characters.

Shiloh falls from a seaside cliff, only to be caught mid fall by a man with wings, Lann. The terror of falling has made Shiloh pass out, so Lann sneaks her to his lair, in the Underworld. Knowing hes breaking the law of this world, Lann tries to hide her. But once found, they are both taken in front of Balor, ruler of the realm and Underworld. Balor listens to others as to what the punishment should be, but decides if Shiloh and Lann can make it through the different Hells, he will make Shiloh immortal. On their quest, they have to fight evils, but they also make a few friends along the way. Can their ragtag group make it out alive, can love be found in Hell?

©2015 Conny Conway (P)2015 Conny Conway
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