Chyna Stone

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The Minoan Mask Inhaltsangabe

A sweeping adventure that's equal parts romance and thriller, K.T. Tomb's latest novel takes the reader from the ruins of a lost civilization to the sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean.

While on an archaeological dig in Knossos, Crete - Europe's oldest city - Chyna Stone and the Found History team come across a tantalizing clue to the location of a legendary treasure. The Minoan Mask, if unearthed, would not only solidify the team as world class archaeologists but also complete the most extensive collection of Minoan relics the world has ever seen.

But when word of the priceless relic's location reaches the outside world, those with less than honorable intentions join the hunt. Soon, Chyna and her team are caught between the F.B.I. and an international racketeering ring-and on the run for their lives.

But Chyna Stone is no ordinary archaeologist-she's an adventurer through and through-and she will do all she can to preserve history and to save the lives of those she cares most about... all while uncovering the true secret of the Minoan Mask.

©2014 K.T. Tomb (P)2014 K.T. Tomb
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