Chronicles of the Time Thief

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Chronicles of the Time Thief - Song of Eden Inhaltsangabe

Chronicles of the Time Thief - Song of Eden is book one of a seven-part series.

This story is about an autistic savant’s desperate quest to save the woman he loves and the future of humankind. Beneath the fact and fiction lies a powerful message. It speaks equally of hope, defiance, and an understanding of the autistic condition.

Song of Eden is both an entertaining and a satisfying audiobook, pulling at the heartstrings of your emotions as it takes you on a grand adventure, leaving you laughing or crying all at the right and wrong moments. Here is joy, love, pain, and betrayal, carried by a mystery that journeys through the fabric of time itself. 

Audiobooks are awesome, but Poe’s audiobooks, read by Andrew Devoid, attain the next level of awesome. Known as a fully casted audiobook or dramatized audiobook, which includes theme and background music, Song of Eden makes you feel like the book is really happening, that you yourself have truly lived it.

©2018 Richard Alan Poe (P)2018 Richard Alan Poe
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