Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

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Nearly 5 hours of insomnia-inducing scary stories, produced by the terrifying team behind the popular YouTube channel and website Chilling Tales for Dark Nights ( and the Simply Scary Podcasts Network ( The terrifying tales in this spine-tingling collection concern corpses that won't stay dead, unsettling entities, deals gone wrong, grizzly appetites, unusual abductions, parallel dimensions, nefarious neighbors, and much, much more.

Featuring stories by award-winning authors N.R. Knight and Dan David and best-selling author Elias Witherow, alongside Jeff Hartin, Kristopher Mallory, Lauren Munera, Jeffrey Ebright, Michael T. Guidry, William Dalphin, and Andrew Harmon, this terrifying collection of 10 seriously scary horror stories are bound to give you nightmares, and are perfect to listen to in the dead of night. So what are you waiting for? Turn Off the Lights, and Turn on the Dark. Who needs sleep anyway?

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