Children of the Wild Cats

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Kitten Adventure Inhaltsangabe

Children of the Wild Cats is a saga of survival, freedom, love and revenge - in a cat's world.

When feral kitten Hattie is born into poverty in a cult ruled by evil tomcat Scarab Razorclaw, she is destined to fulfill his dream of returning to her wildcat roots by shunning humans. But Hattie can't bear the suffering she sees in her family. When she rebels against every rule in a fight to survive she is banished from her home and everything she knows.

Alone, she searches for her place in the world, meeting danglepaws and wildcats, and even dreaded Bluntpaw humans, always fighting for her survival and freedom. Will she be punished by the cat gods? Will Scarab Razorclaw find her? And can she retain her freedom in the strange world of the bluntpaws?

©2015 Lindsey Mountford (P)2015 Lindsey Mountford
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