Cheese Runners

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Cheese Runners Inhaltsangabe

In the future, the only weapon against the evil aliens is a nice, sharp cheddar!

The Farfnians rule the galaxy with an iron claw, and Earth has been relegated to a backwater planet. What's an ingenious human to do? Find a chink in the Farfnian's chitinous armor - cheese!

Enter Harry Fische, captain of the stringship Limburger, and his intrepid crew: a xenophilic pilot, a security officer with more brawn than brain, and an immortal engineer with a death wish. Smuggling cheese is just a job - until they rescue a curvaceous clone who make the best margaritas in the universe. That's when all hell breaks loose.

©2012 Chris A. Jackson (P)2005 Chris A. Jackson
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