Chasing the Hunters

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Alpha's Menage Inhaltsangabe

When there is no rest for the wicked, you never know what will go bump in the night!

An alpha hunter.

With killer instincts and a jaw-dropping physique, I know I’m a work of art, and it’s been said I have a temper to match. Hunting down prey is the only life I’ve ever known; but it’s a duty I’ve been raised to honor. 

A reluctant omega.

Everyone’s always underestimated me, but I’m nothing even close to average. I’ve been haunted by my supernatural abilities my whole life, but it’s time for me to accept that this is what I was born to do. 

A pair of unlikely lovers, Shaun and Lucas have become an inseparable team. But when a mysterious stranger enters their lives, their partnership and the romantic feelings they share must face a challenge greater than anything they’ve come up against. 

Alpha’s Menage is the first audiobook of the Chasing the Hunter series and is filled with sexual tension! Please don’t be shocked by the graphic content, strong language, a steamy ménage à trois, and ultra-hot M/M action between three sexy shifters that will be found in this unforgettable story. Suitable for listeners over the age of 18 only!

©2018 Noah Harris (P)2018 Books Unite People
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