Caverns and Creatures

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Caverns and Creatures: Volume I (Books 1-4) Inhaltsangabe



Dick Jokes.

Truly do the gods smile upon you, dear listener, for the first four books in the hilarious Caverns and Creatures series are now available in one audiobook set. Join Tim, Dave, Julian, and Cooper as they are thrown into a hostile fantasy world filled with magic and monsters, and ruled over by a cruel and sadistic game master who taunts and harasses them while he sits back and eats their fried chicken.

Having taken on the bodies of their fantasy characters, Tim and the others are forced to discover the answers to two questions that every underachieving lowlife who's ever rolled a d20 has asked themselves at least once.

What if you and your friends got to live the game for real? What if you and your friends were assholes?

Would you have what it takes to survive? The strength? The wisdom? The...charisma?

Do you have the dice in your sack?

It's like Lord of the Rings meets your mom in a truck stop bathroom, but even cheaper.

This set includes:

  1. Critical Failures
  2. Critical Failures II: Fail Harder
  3. Critical Failures III: A Storm of S-Words
  4. Critical Failures IV: The Phantom Pinas
©2016 Robert Bevan (P)2019 Robert Bevan
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