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The Pretending Plot Inhaltsangabe

Dive into this fun, sexy fake fiancé romance performed by Joe Arden and Vanessa Edwin!

I don't mean to just blurt it out. "Why, yes, I'm engaged!"

But once I say it to a potential client, there's only one logical thing to do - cast the role of my fake fiancé.

Easy enough. As a casting director, my job is to find the most talented players for every part, so I choose dreamy, edgy, sexy, sarcastic Reeve.

And I sign him up for one week in the role of mine.

It's not as if I'll fall for him in five nights even if we get a little cozy one night at theater. It's not as if I'll want more even after a scorching afternoon in the stacks of the New York Public Library.

I can't let myself because on Friday at midnight the curtain falls on our fake romance...

Author's note : The Pretending Plot is a reimagining of my 2013 book Pretending He's Mine, which is no longer available for sale. The Pretending Plot is a fresh new take on that fake fiancé romance, now rewritten in first person, expanded from a novella to novel length and with expanded characterizations. This new version with brand-new narration is more than 60 percent new material.

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