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The Sibyl Reborn Inhaltsangabe

If Erin Brockovich threatened the X-Files to fight Climate Change...

Dooms entangle and karmas collide when a heroine from our mythical past reincarnates to save the future only to find she might be the pawn who seals our fate. Forced to wield metaphysics to break a curse, Cassandra Shavano - newlywed, avid hiker, environmentalist - traps herself along with seven others, a teenage ghost, and our parent species in a quantum labyrinth fraught with seduction, betrayal, and murder. Stalked by deadly foes, one determined to bury a secret and the other to unearth one from our prehistoric roots, the activist must escape the maze and solve an impossible puzzle, or she'll forfeit her life and all she loves for failing mankind in its final hours.

...The Sibyl Reborn, an ancient riddle for a modern crisis.

©2012 Dawn C. Kelly (P)2014 Dawn C. Kelly
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