Carlson's Cavaliers

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Carlson's Cavaliers, Revised Edition Inhaltsangabe

In the early spring of 2900, a Fury class Dropship, trailing smoke and fire, dropped a single person into the Macachee Swamp on the FWL planet Hamilton, fully expecting said person to die on impact. Luckily for him, he didn't. And so began a quest not only to find out why he'd been left for dead on a world not his own but to understand who and what he was. He possessed an ability like no man before him: not just simple charisma but the power to influence decisions and affect judgments. With friends gathered along the way, he will uncover a corrupted secret society within the walls of ComStar itself that would shake the very fabric of humanity to its earthly core.

His name is Alex Carlson, and this is his tale....

©2014 Michael Keegan (P)2015 Michael Keegan
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