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Liberating Louie Inhaltsangabe

Liberating Louie begins where Fully Staffed ended and continues with Spike’s story.

It also introduces two very different dogs: Louie, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross, and Tia, a full staff from Lancashire and Yorkshire, respectively. Louie is a part-time lunatic while Tia is a reserved, timid little girl. They couldn’t be any different, yet they get along famously.

Discover the strange and peculiar things that Louie gets up to and how, along with his sidekick Tia. They manage to leave a trail of havoc and mayhem in their wake, causing plenty of amusement along the way.

This is a true, sometimes-unbelievable story about life with these two dogs who, quite simply, are well past the daft side of normal. With laughter and a few tears along the way, this is sure to please all the dog lovers out there.

©2019 Linda A. Meredith (P)2019 Linda A. Meredith
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