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State of Chaos Inhaltsangabe

His mind has been fractured for years. Now, he could be humankind’s only hope of stopping the end of our species.

Special Forces Captain Cade Rearden struggles to control the whispers in his head. Plagued by multiple personality disorder, he nearly spirals into insanity after extremists kill his whole team and hold him captive. Defeated but not broken, he can hardly believe it when an artificial intelligence named Doris rescues him and then recruits him for an impossible mission.

Pulling together a crack military team, Rearden must take down Janus, a rogue AI intent on launching a chain of deadly attacks on American soil. And the key to staying one step ahead of the enemy could lie in understanding and protecting the incredible knowledge that Doris possesses. Knowledge that didn’t originate here on Earth.

Can Rearden somehow control his internal chaos and the battles raging around him? Can he and his team prevent the genocide of the whole human race? The stakes don’t get much higher.

State of Chaos is the first book in the riveting Cade Rearden science fiction thriller series. If you like near-future technology, complex heroes, and high-octane action, then you’ll love JK Franks’ explosive adventure.

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