Bulletproof Witch

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The Delivery of Flesh Inhaltsangabe

She’s honoring her grandfather’s legacy - one hexbullet at a time! 

In Korvana, ancient daemons run rampant, spreading death and terror across the continent. Only the pistol warlocks hold them at bay: gunslingers able to summon lightning at the pull of a trigger, or trap a daemon’s essence with a single word. 

Temperance Whiteoak, granddaughter of the famous pistol warlock "Brimstone", travels across the continent, capturing daemons and looking for clues behind her family’s murder. In this debut story, she finds herself assisting with the transport of a dangerous criminal sorcerer. What should have been an easy mission quickly becomes far more than Miss Whiteoak had bargained for. It will take all of her wits, and her bullets, to survive. 

The Delivery of Flesh is the first in a planned eight-part series.

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