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Rich Bowman and the Uzi Poopie Loopies Inhaltsangabe

Spring break of 1990 is over. Richard Bowman has resigned to keep his head down and finish his sophomore year at Grafton High School the way he started it - academically fair to middling, socially mediocre, and romantically very much well below average.

When the opportunity to befriend a group of senior guys lands in Rich's lap practically overnight, he steps out of his comfort zone of weekends in front of his Commodore 64 to a world of cigarette smoke, basement beer kegs, and promiscuous members of the opposite sex.

In the meantime, the admin for a local online bulletin board asks Rich to hold onto a mysterious encrypted computer file. Rich reluctantly agrees, only to find it may put him and his entire family in danger.

Rich Bowman and the Uzi Poopie Loopies is a trip down memory lane lined with mullets, pegged pants, hair bands, and cell phones the size of toaster ovens. A simple and better time. Or was it?

This is a 30,000 word novella and the first installment of a series. It's intended to be read by adults and may be unsuitable for listeners under the age of 17. It contains indecent language, depictions of drug use, and sexual situations involving characters under the age of 17.

©2016 Robert Brumm (P)2016 Robert Brumm
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