Billionaire Bosses

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Baby Bump Inhaltsangabe

My hot secretary used me to push her ex away. It backfired. But let me back up a little....

She asked me to be her fake fiance. Me...the most powerful man in the city. I should've said no. I shouldn't have cared about what she wanted. But her sweet curves didn't let me be that indifferent.

Making her ex jealous was one thing. Showing her off to my own family was another. My snooty folks hated her. And that brought us closer. It made this fake arrangement a little more real. Very real. And it also made working with her awkward. Very awkward. 

But the worst part was when she disappeared and then showed up with a baby bump. I was about to be a father. And I was determined to make my former fake wife.

Contains mature themes.

©2020 Miley Maine (P)2020 Tantor
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