Beaver Towers

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Beaver Towers Inhaltsangabe

A magic spell whisks Philip away to a far-off island, where he meets the beavers, Mr Edgar and Baby B. All the other animals have been imprisoned by the wicked witch Oyin in the dungeons of Beaver Towers, and tomorrow night she will put them to death and take over the island.

Only magic can save them now, but Mr Edgar’s vital spell book is locked away in Beaver Towers. Philip sets out at dead of night on a perilous mission - into the witch’s stronghold…The first book in the magical ‘Beaver Towers’ series, from acclaimed author Nigel Hinton.

Read by Nigel Lambert.

©1997 Nigel Hinton (P)2014 Audible, Inc.
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    Beaver Towers Titelbild
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    The Witch's Revenge Titelbild
    • The Witch's Revenge

    • Beaver Towers, Book 2
    • Autor: Nigel Hinton
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    Beaver Towers: The Dangerous Journey Titelbild
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    Beaver Towers: The Dark Dream Titelbild
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