Bassam Saga

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Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls Inhaltsangabe

What if you knew the seven most powerful ideas in the world?

For a thousand years rumors spread among the desert peoples that mysterious scrolls containing fantastic secrets had fashioned the Abdali-ud-din into the richest, most powerful trading dynasty in the world. Men would kill for such knowledge. Indeed, they had killed. And then suddenly, the scrolls simply disappeared.

This is the story of the last holder of the scrolls, an old chief named Zafir. Worried that his life was nearly spent, Zafir chose young Bassam to be his heir to the scrolls. Was Bassam ready? To prove the young man Zafir took him on a caravan trek with the intent of teaching him the scrolls. And then, partway into the trip, a startling surprise changed everything.

The scrolls are timeless. Those who come to understand them discover how these simple messages enrich a meaningful life, and disclose the secrets for lasting prosperity.

©2014 Paul B. Skousen (P)2014 Izzard Ink Publishing
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