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The SEAL's Dilemma: Sexual Healing Inhaltsangabe

"And then there were the even deeper questions. About fidelity, and patience, and faith. No soldier, male or female, wanted to consider the possibility of their spouse finding comfort in the arms of another person while they were in some godforsaken wasteland thousands of miles away."

James really has it all.

The ripped body, a smoking hot wife, a fantastic career in the Navy SEALs, and a bank balance so big he never has to worry about anything ever again...or does he?

Intensely in love with his beautiful wife, Dayna, James is about to deploy on a new and risky mission abroad. James is just thinking of getting in and out and back to Dayna alive.

When the mission goes horribly wrong, James finds himself laid up and helpless.

Lying in a hospital bed miles away, James finds that his emotions start betraying him when stunning ebony nurse, Traci, turns up. Miles away from Dayna, can James contain himself, or will the alpha male in him come out and get what it really wants?

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Warning: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ listeners only!

A military romance novel.

©2016 Abigail Austin (P)2018 Abigail Austin
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