Axel Warlow's Adventures

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Saying Goodbye is Never Easy Inhaltsangabe

For motorcycle ace Axel Warlow it takes a journey to the Isle of Man TT races to find that the apple never falls far from the tree. Saying Goodbye is Never Easy transports the listener to the world famous circuit, vividly bringing to life both the motorcycle festival and its many attractions. As Axel unknowingly retreads his feckless fathers footsteps a blond is not the only bombshell waiting just round the next corner.

In this the first of Axel's adventures we join the TT's latest young gun as he arrives in Manx waters. Fulfilling a lifetime ambition, the unique challenge offered by the TT allows Axel to both test his mettle and to learn more about himself that he'd ever imagined.

©2008 Alan C. Corkill (P)2008 Summersdale Publishers Ltd
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