Angels and Demons

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The devil made a big mistake. Years ago he branded Shadow's father, Abaddon, a traitor, guilty of conspiring with the angels, and currently tortures him in the lowest circle of hell. The demon Shadow vows to rescue his father but has always wondered if the rumors were true. After all, his father did give him Michael the Archangel's short blade before he was dragged off by the devil's army.

Leech has always been picked on and bullied by the other demons. His father is a lowly minor demon in General Cain's armies and has little hope of advancing. Despite his small size, Leech knows he was meant for great things and refuses to let larger demons get in the way of his ambition and hunger for power.

Denied a life of ease and luxury, Lilith trained herself to fight with a single goal in mind: killing her mother. Lilith was raised by the minor demon Panic, despite the general consensus that she was actually the daughter of the major demon of lust, Vixen. Vixen refuses to acknowledge her, and Lilith plans on making her pay for it.

Follow Shadow, Leech, and Lilith on their journey to become minor demons.

©2013 Randall Morris (P)2016 Randall Morris
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