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The Unravelling of Thomas Malone Inhaltsangabe

The mutilated corpse of a young prostitute is discovered in a squalid apartment. Angela Murphy has recently started working as a detective on the mean streets of Glasgow, Scotland's largest city. Just days into the job, she's called to attend this grisly murder. She is shocked by the horror of the scene. It's a ghastly sight of blood and despair. To her boss, Frank Martin, there's something horribly familiar about the scene. Is this the work of a copycat killer? Will he kill again?

With limited resources and practically no experience, Angela is desperate to prove herself. But is her enthusiasm sufficient? Can she succeed before the killer strikes again?

Another crime novel by Elly Grant, best-selling author of the Death in the Pyrenees series.

©2012 Elly Grant (P)2016 Elly Grant
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