Ancient Guardians

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The Legacy of the Key Inhaltsangabe

What would you do if you were swept into an alternate dimension and faced with the truth: Life does exist outside of Earth? 

When Reece is almost violently kidnapped, her entire life begins to change. She soon learns about the man who saved her life in the park and instantly is filled with questions about who he is and why he seems so familiar. The answers she receives from Levi are something that Reece would never have imagined possible. There is life beyond Earth, and it exists because of her! 

As she struggles to cope with this theory, she is forced into a futuristic car where she meets another strangely familiar man who introduces himself as Harrison and informs her that he and Levi are from a dimension known as Pemdas. Traveling at what appears to be light speed, Harrison continues to inform Reece that he and Levi are her personal guardians who are sworn to protect her at any cost. 

Impossible! Reece can't accept this and begins to question exactly who these men are and where they are taking her. Her answers come swiftly when the car they are in transports them into an entirely different environment. She is rendered speechless as she studies the vivid nature that surrounds them. 

Transported into a magical land? The supernatural dimension of Pemdas appears to have traces of Earth in it, but is still worlds apart. It's filled with classic beauty and an electrifying atmosphere, and Reece is completely overwhelmed by what she sees. But her journey is only beginning.... 

Emperor Navarre Oxley explains to Reece that engraved in her mind by a powerful ancestor is the key to taking over multiple worlds...including Earth. Evil shape-shifting creatures known the Ciatron want to steal the map from Reece's mind and take over all of the dimensions and worlds in the universe. The Guardians must protect Reece in order to save Earth and all of the dimensions that exist due to Earth remaining unaltered. 

As Reece finds herself increasingly attracted to Levi, Emperor Navarre's son and her personal guardian on Earth, she finally opens her mind to this new world and starts accepting the unique lifestyle of this enchanting world. With this, she discovers sweeping landscapes and capricious creatures who transfer their energy to the people of Pemdas. Most of all, she experiences peace in her life like nothing she has ever experienced. 

Her newfound peace is instantly replaced with the shock of her life when she is placed in danger! Betrayed, the Guardians now must defeat their greatest enemy as all dimensions turn against them. They are forced to place Reece in grave danger in order to make peace with leaders of all dimensions. 

Now that the Key's true identity is exposed, the Guardians find themselves in the greatest disadvantage that they have ever known. If the Guardians lose the power to protect Reece, the Key, every living being will fall victim to the greatest enemy Earth has ever known. 

©2012 S. L. Morgan (P)2016 Audible, Inc.
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