An Alpha Adventure

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"A" is for Amethyst Inhaltsangabe

Was a rare amethyst mine illegally seized from the Japanese ancestors of a well-known Atlanta family, just after World War II?

Four months ago, anthropologist professor Travis Monahan got shot while on an investigation of the mysterious floating city at Baikal. Suffering from PTSD, he's been holed up in their Atlanta office with his Jack Russell terrier and his brooding thoughts.

One of the partners, Savannah Summers, convinces him to take this case. Their new client, Miya Richards, hires them to search for the purported mine and its missing property deed, which she claims were seized from her grandmother's family.

While uncovering clues in the old quarter of Tochigi, Japan, the intrepid duo runs into a man who reveals that his uncle once tried to investigate and was never seen again. He does, however, tip them off to the Himiko Corporation.

Travis and Savannah go to Himiko, pretending to be research geologists. The head honcho immediately clams up and on their way out, a Yakuza biker gang pursues them. As action and clues lead the adventurers into the mountains, relentless descendants of the evil, rich Kinagawas and their ilk thwart them at every turn.

Their lives are at stake and Travis realizes this case is not as straightforward as it first seemed.

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