Amish Chances

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Amish Chances: The Complete Collection Inhaltsangabe

The future is bright for Anna Miller. The love of her life, Eli, has been courting her for many months and has started to talk about their life together. Feeling happy and blessed, Anna is sure that Eli will propose very soon. When Eli disappears one night, leaving her to make her own way home, Anna is hurt and confused. Things get worse when Isaac, Eli's good friend, warns her about him, forcing Anna to question what Eli is doing, especially when he disappears again. With the wedding looming, Anna has to make a choice: believe what Eli is telling her or begin to question everything she knows about him. When circumstances force her back towards Isaac, Anna finds herself having to make the most terrible decision of her life - and all on her wedding day.

©2017 Paige Millikin (P)2017 ELJ Publishing
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