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Denver Fury: An Urban Fantasy Harem Adventure Inhaltsangabe

Gather an escort. Acquire a dragon hoard. Build an empire....

Steven Whipp, a normal, poor college student, is kissed and shot on the night of his 20th birthday. He realizes three things: He’s bulletproof; he’s a dragon; and everything he’s ever wanted is within his reach. But the attempts on his life are just the beginning of his troubles.

Steven is a Dragonsoul - a magical race of beings who have thrived, hidden from the eyes of humans, in control of the world. And not just any Dragonsoul but the last in a long line of Arch-Sorcerers, thought long dead. Now he is being hunted, and he must unlock his powers through battle and sex, or ancient forces and old feuds will destroy him and all he loves.

From the author of the LitRPG epic fantasy, War God's Mantle, comes a brand new pulp harem adventure!

Disclaimer: Denver Fury is a shoot-em-up, action adventure, urban fantasy novel which is not intended for listeners under the age of 18 years of age. This novel contains swearing, violence, and a harem of beautiful shapeshifting women that the hero regularly sleeps with - and he does so gladly.

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