America Offline

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America Offline: Zero Day Inhaltsangabe

During the largest winter storm in a 100 years, America is hit with a multi-pronged cyberattack that destroys the power grid, crippling the country at the worst possible moment. Like millions of others, Nate Bauer and his pregnant wife Amy are bracing for the coming storm, when the lights go out.

For years, living in the shadow of a nuclear power plant had been a source of employment and security for their tiny community. Except, hidden deep within the malignant code are instructions that could push the plant into meltdown.

Trapped between fire and ice, and with the country collapsing around them, Nate and his family are about to face the toughest decision of their lives.

America Offline: Zero Day is a nail-biting, post-apocalyptic ride, perfect for fans of EMP and survival fiction.

©2020 William H. Weber (P)2020 William H. Weber
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