All's Fair in Love and Football

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All's Fair in Love and Football Inhaltsangabe

This is the complete Love and Football Series. Ideal for people who want the whole story in one place!

Michael is an educated successful young man who recently moved back to his old neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. There is only one thing on his mind: making things right with the love of his life, his ex girlfriend Michelle.

There is one small problem though.

Michelle is being wooed by Atlanta’s brightest young star, wide receiver Marvin Johnson of the Atlanta Falcons. With a big contract extension on the table and Michelle by his side there is nothing the young king of Atlanta cannot overcome. Or so he thinks!

Join Michael, Michelle, Marvin, and others down the road of twists and turns inside their love triangle. Who will end up with Michelle’s love and affection? Will true love prevail? What lengths will a man go to protect his relationship?

Get the answers to all those questions and more in the exciting, thrilling, funny compilation of the All’s Fair in Love and Football Series.

Is all really fair?

©2015 Desean Rambo (P)2019 Desean Rambo
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