After the Explosion

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Singing the Last Song (The Louis Saga) Inhaltsangabe

Birdie Louis will do anything to get out of her hometown and away from the memories of her dead parents and brother. She joins band Rev 21 to protest World War III even though she is required to sleep with co-singer Neil and guitarist Eric.

As they sing songs for change she soon finds herself loving both of the haunted men who she makes music with. But, in a world immersed in war, there are few chances of happily ever after.

Sharon Louis is a widow and the mother of a young son. She is also a member of the Nation of Allied Scientists for Peace (NASP). She has been assigned to choose 100 children to preserve in underground caverns when NASP releases a bomb that will end all life on the surface of the earth. She must decide whether to put her son in the caverns where he will live out his life with no fresh air or sunshine; or to keep him at her side so that they can join his father in Heaven when the bomb explodes.

©2013 Jane B Night (P)2014 Jane B Night
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