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After/Life: The Complete Series Inhaltsangabe

Love transcends all boundaries. Even death.

Molly dies while chasing a felon and discovers she has been sentenced to an afterlife of six years.

Trapped in the Halfway House, Molly must formulate an escape plan to return to Earth and protect Sam and Casey from drugs kingpin Lopez.

After returning to Earth, Molly learns no one can hear nor see her. How can she warn Sam and Casey of impending doom?

Learning of Casey's betrayal has left Molly in a fragile position. But when Casey puts Sam in direct danger, Molly knows she can't idly sit by, and goes on a crusade to exact revenge.

Molly has just one day left to get the justice she craves on Lopez and Casey. Fail, and not only is Sam's life in danger, but she risks spending an eternity stuck on Earth.

©2017 Scarlett Whispers (P)2017 Scarlett Whispers
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