Adventures on Brad

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Adventures on Brad, Books 1 - 3 Inhaltsangabe

Daniel Chai only ever wanted to be an Adventurer. Born with a gift of healing that steals his memories and past experiences as its fuel source, Daniel must weigh his heart's desire with his gift as he attempts to clear his first ever dungeon. 

Along the way, he'll meet true friends like the Catkin Asin and the Northerner Omrak as he learns what it truly takes to be a professional Adventurer in Brad.

The Adventures on Brad is a light fantasy-novel set in a LitRPG world where everyone is born with a Status Screen and Classes. 

This bundle collects the first arc of the adventures of Daniel and friends in Karlak and the Beginner Dungeon. The bundle includes audiobooks one to three:

  • A Healer's Gift
  • An Adventurer's Heart
  • A Dungeon's Soul
©2018 Tao Wong (P)2018 Tao Wong
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