Adventures in the Kingdom

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Seeker's Great Adventure Inhaltsangabe

Imagine an invisible Kingdom that is very, very real. It is a place where you can discover the Great King and his castle with secret towers and mysterious underground passageways. It is a place where you are invited to experience a life-changing adventure!

But there is one big problem. Dragons.

Look out, Seeker! Dragons!

Seeker turned to face the dragons. They had gotten up from the ground, thrown off their clown disguises, and were now rushing toward Seeker in full-force dragon rage. But Seeker wasn't afraid. He remember the words from the song; he remembered the powerful weapon. He stood very tall and yelled, In the King's name, you get out of here!

The effect was amazing. It was like an invisible lightning bolt hit the dragons. They flew backwards through the air and landed with a loud thump. They held their bodies and rolled on the ground, screaming with pain.

Seeker grabbed his friends by the hand and whirled back towards the Straight and Narrow Path. Come on everybody! Let's go!

©2005 Dian Layton (P)2018 Dian Layton
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