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Learn French - Level 9: Advanced French, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25 Inhaltsangabe

This course consists of lessons centered on an audio blog that is completely in French. The audio blog postings take you around France and introduce you to many different aspects of the country, including culture, history, folklore, arts, and more. You will learn all about many different cities and what they are famous for. Along the way, you'll pick up sophisticated expressions and advanced grammar in this audio blog series presented entirely in French. The lesson starts with the French blog, which is all in French and at native speed. Finally, practice what you have learned with the review track. In the review track, a native speaker will say a word or phrase from the dialogue, wait three seconds, and then give you the English definition. Say the word aloud during the pause. Halfway through the review track, the order will be reversed. The English definition will be provided first, followed by a three-second pause, and then the word or phrase from the dialogue. Repeat the words and phrases you hear in the review track aloud to practice pronunciation and reinforce what you have learned.

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