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The Dream Inhaltsangabe

Ever wondered where some writers get their characters? Just maybe they come from Mack's One Stop Character Shop, where grumpy wizards, weeping dragons, singing chestnuts, arguing lemons, miniature lady vampires, giant flies, slippered frogs, knighted ogres and creatures there aren't even names for await your discovery. You'll be so dazzled by the amount of oddities that you'll be wanting to make your own trip to Mack's asap... particularly if you also like to pen the odd tale.

Expertly narrated by C. E. Addison and enriched with the sounds of the character shop, "The Dream" takes listeners through the mind-boggling experience of an author buying his first character. It's a perfect kickstart for any creative writing activity while standing alone as a colourful and imaginative piece of short storytelling for middle-schoolers. What are you waiting for? Step inside...
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