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C Is for Cerebral Palsy: A Child's View Inhaltsangabe

Does your child have a friend, family member, or classmate who has cerebral palsy? Would you like your child or the children in your classroom to understand more about cerebral palsy? Are you looking for an engaging way to start a dialogue about cerebral palsy?

This audiobook uses a simple ABC format to teach about cerebral palsy. It teaches, from a child’s perspective, key information about the condition of cerebral palsy. I invite you to listen to this story along with your child. Encourage discussions of how you or your friends might be like the child in this book. You might compare and contrast how the child in this book is similar or different from a person you know with cerebral palsy.

I intentionally chose the main character in this story to have more significant limitations and accompanying factors in order to allow a more inclusive discussion of cerebral palsy. You or your child’s friends may have more options for movement than the child depicted in this story.

There are many people with cerebral palsy with less physical involvement than the child described here. I believe knowledge helps break down barriers and encourages kindness and patience. Helping children understand cerebral palsy at a young age is powerful. Listening to this book will change the life of your child and the lives of people with cerebral palsy that your child meets now and in the future.

©2019 Amy Sturkey (P)2020 Amy Sturkey
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