A Practical Guide to Teen Business and Cybersecurity

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A Practical Guide to Teen Business and Cybersecurity, Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

This book series isn't necessarily about financial endeavors, the love of money and power, or pushing teens into any particular business-centric direction. Your children study history and mathematics without the motivating factor of being a professional historian or mathematician. This book of business and cybersecurity should be studied in the same manner. Education is about opening the student's mind to a universe of new possibilities and tearing down barriers. This book series stands as a testament that any and all information should be readily available to anyone regardless of age or geography when the student is ready to receive it, without systematic restriction by establishment topical guardians.

Standardized education has succeeded at nothing other than the dumbing down of our youth and inventing new inhibitors to information access. The brutal reality nowadays is that the education sector attracts teachers who teach because (in most cases) they cannot do, and these are the very people we allow 12+ years of access to our children. Ask your teen's 11th grade political science teacher what books he/she's published or what office within the legislative community they've held? I can virtually guarantee that they've published nothing and held no office that demanded real-life usage of the content that they regurgitate onto a chalkboard in your child's classroom.

Let's face the facts: We've been bamboozled into believing that the school system knows best in matters of shaping and molding the developing minds of our children. We've been instructed by the institutional machine that our youth's mind and very being are nothing more than possessions of the state. This book series shatters the illusions and lies that school teachers, experts in nothing but recitation of words authored by someone else, are properly equipped to instruct your teen.

Take control of the education of your child. Give them the tools they'll need to succeed by instilling true and usable knowledge that will stand out amid the pretentious rhetoric they encounter daily.

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