A Paradox of Time

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The Valteran Ascension Inhaltsangabe

In order to turn his world’s elite into gods, countless billions would suffer. Eric wouldn’t have believed it until he saw the evidence for himself. He knew he had to do something about it, before the corrupt officials on his world could rupture the fabric of the universe. He hatched a plan to prevent catastrophe: Journey to the past to help prevent the destruction before it could begin.

While seeking out allies on Earth, his ship is hit by a shock wave and his temporal drive throws him back in time. There, Eric is on his own, with his ship broken and venting radiation. What’s more, he has caused fractures in the space-time continuum that he’ll have to repair before he can travel back into the future.

When he meets Cora, a mysteriously familiar woman in 18th-century England, he’s certain that he’s met her before. This leads him to believe he just might have to take her with him.

The fate of time and countless worlds hangs in the balance.

©2019 Mara Amberly (P)2020 Mara Amberly
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