A Lance Carter Detective Novel

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When Lacey Ramsey walks into Lance Carter's office, she wants to hire him to get her boyfriend out of trouble. Lance thinks she's nothing more than a girlfriend with an over active imagination... until he learns he is a Philadelphia Police Officer. When he learns he is an elite POINT team member, he is sure he wants nothing to do with this case.

When he learns Lacey's boyfriend is cheating on her and that is why he is ignoring Lacey, Lance thinks case closed. But when the body count begins to mount, he knows this case is far from closed...

Follow Lance and Linc Diesel through an adventure that takes them through the gang-riddled streets of South Philadelphia and into the historic buildings of Olde City. They fall into the world of dirty cops, gang violence and ultimately find themselves on the run and wanted for murder!

©2013 Bucks County Publishing (P)2013 Bruce A. Sarte
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