A Celtic Tale

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Ard Righ Inhaltsangabe

The legions of Rome were in full withdraw, fighting as they went, surrounded by enemies in a multi-front war that was proving too costly for the empire to sustain. Briton, the last land conquered, became the first land abandoned, and would be left to fend for itself against the ever-encroaching barbarian hoards of Picti, Saecsons, and Hybernians - all eager to fill the vacuum that Rome left behind. Briton would stand on its own feet, or fall and be lost forever in the mists of time. Briton needed a champion. Briton needed - an Arthur.

ARD RIGH chronicles the early life of Arthur, the burgeoning king of Summer, following the legendary character from his much-anticipated birth through his heroic ascension to the sovereignty of Briton, culminating in his defense of sovereignty itself against the treasonous renegade Lot.

©2017 Ray Cattie (P)2018 Ray Cattie
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