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    An entertaining, scientifically rigorous exploration of the social and biological effects of our wireless world.

    The way we use technology is affecting our health and happiness. While programs, devices, information, and constant connectivity can offer us ease, liberation, and efficiency, they can also rewire our brains to feel restless, disconnected, unable to sleep, anxious, and depressed, with new illnesses like FOMO (fear of missing out) and electro-sensitivities appearing.

    Engaging and entertaining yet scientifically rigorous, this fully revised and updated second edition of i-Minds comprehensively explores an era of screen-based technology's assimilation into our lives, pondering it as both godsend and plague. Addressing theory, popular media, and industry hype, i-Minds demonstrates:

    • How constant connectivity is changing our brains
    • The dangers of unchecked connectivity
    • Positive steps to embrace new technologies while protecting our well-being and steering our future in a more human direction

    i-Minds is a must-listen for anyone interested in fostering health and happiness or who is struggling with the role of screened technology in our lives.

    ©2019 Mari Swingle (P)2020 New Society Publishers

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