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    Zack wasn’t someone to focus on his mistakes, but he’d made a big one, and it was hard to move on from it. Still, he was determined to work with Levi’s team to find new meaning in his life and to get his head on straight. At least, that was the plan. When he ends up part of a two-man team to rescue a kidnapped woman, the daughter of a former politician, Zack doesn’t know how to react - she’s certainly unique. Not the least of which, she didn’t appreciate the rescue. At least, not once she learns the details.

    Quintal knew her father was guilty of the crimes he’d been accused of. She was more concerned about her mother, who’d always been the downtrodden and obedient wife. But, as more and more evidence shines a light on their lives and her kidnapping, the issue is no longer as clear.

    Heartbroken at the losses that keep mounting, Quintal knows she needs a second rescue - hopefully by her same rescuer. Only, it’s not as simple this time, and it’s infinitely more dangerous....

    ©2020 Beverly Dale Mayer (P)2020 Beverly Dale Mayer

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