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    If the progress you've sought to make in any one or all areas of your life has hit a plateau, you have to look within yourself to try to see if you're not perhaps your own worst enemy. It's time to take full responsibility for your own destiny, and it all starts with realizing that the problem is most likely you. You may be looking in the wrong direction in your attempts to try to figure out why you seem to have reached peak growth and progress, and it's now time to highlight and address the most likely source of your apparent lack of direction.

    Are you at a point in your life where you're completely happy with your development and progress, be it in your career, your personal relationships, your business endeavors, or maybe even your health? If not, this book will take you through a journey of honest introspection, during which you'll learn to discover exactly why you can be your own worst enemy and how you can benefit from getting out of your own way.

    It's all good and well to identify the inner source of your lack of progress and destructive actions, but it can prove to be very challenging to break out of your cycle of destruction and overcome the obstacles blocking you from realizing your true potential. Find out what the 10 common life obstacles to your development and progress are, how these obstacles hold you back, and how you can overcome these obstacles with 30 real-life solutions to stop destructive actions and effectively get out of your own way.

    ©2015 HRD Publishing (P)2016 HRD Publishing

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