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    Facing your fears is quite possibly the single most important work you can do for yourself, your families, and the world as a whole. The next step is to confidently walk through your fears. That is where the coaching and counsel of Stephen Edwards comes in. Most people simply allow their fear to paralyze them. When you make the decision to face your fear, you immediately feel the power. You instantly become more alive. Your senses are heightened. The world around you becomes more vibrant. And you become a greater person by far than you previously imagined yourself to be. You faced your fears and you took action. This program will help you consciously tap into your potential. It will give you more confidence and certainty in yourself and your abilities to deal with any situation. In this extraordinary program you'll experience the power of:

    • Overcoming the three core fears that reside in everyone
    • Turning bogus beliefs into enlightening beliefs, genius beliefs
    • Using fear as a guide, not a controller
    • Changing belief patterns that simply aren't working for you anymore

    Your Miracle Life is intricately designed to help you realize, rediscover, and revitalize the greatness that is already within you. When you walk through your fears, you find that what lies on the other side is a deeper, more profound awareness, knowledge, and experience of who you really are and the unlimited potential that lies within us all.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio. This title also has additional supplemental material associated with it. To access this material, please visit Nightingale-Supplements.

    Download the accompanying reference guide.;PLEASE NOTE: This title has supplemental material associated with it. To access this material, please visit Nightingale-Supplements.
    ©2002 Stephen Edwards (P)2002 Nightingale Conant

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