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    Beschreibung von Audible

    In this audiobook, David B. Levy covers everything that aspiring animators need to know, from the value of going to school to study animation to the importance of networking. Award-winning narrator Richard Allen employs a chummy tone, narrating anecdotes from top animation professionals with verve and underscoring the general, positive attitude of the audiobook. Although Levy wants beginners to understand the challenges inherent in animation, he genuinely wants them to succeed as well.

    After finishing this audiobook, listeners will understand why John Hays declares "If you feel that the true joy of artistic creation can only be fully experienced when everything you have is at risk…then starting an animation business is the way to go."


    Animation is a multibillion-dollar industry. Here’s an insider’s guide to getting into that industry, staying there, and getting ahead. Author David B. Levy has interviewed the top pros in animation, including Steven Hillenburg, creator of SpongeBob SquarePants; Al Brodax, producer of Yellow Submarine; Teddy Newton, character designer on The Incredibles; Linda Simensky, senior director of PBS Kids; John R. Dilworth, creator of Courage the Cowardly Dog; and dozens of others to get their insights on creating a portfolio or reel, meeting animators, networking, and making the leap from working for others to pitching and selling. A resource section lists animation schools, film festivals, studios, Web sites, and publications to get budding animators off to an animated start.

    ©2006 David B. Levy (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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