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    The universe is that mysterious entity that supplies the needs of man. It has unlimited resources to create everything - from the food you eat to the goals you want and need to accomplish. Isn't it exciting to know this? Anything you want is out there. You just need to place an order and after some processing, it will become yours to enjoy.

    Sounds easy? Yes, it is! When you learn how to make it possible, you will be amazed that you did not realize it at once. Looking back at your life, you unconsciously made the universe conform to your wishes by sending powerful thoughts and intentions. When you believe in your dreams, wishes, and prayers, the universe sends back your manifestations to you. You see them as concrete answers to your desires.

    The great power to make the universe create the manifestation of your goals is in your hand. It is in your own mind and heart. When you desire something, your feelings are magnified. Your heart burns with passion for the fulfillment of your goal. The underlying emotion is love. When you love something to happen in your life, it brings a positive message to the Universe. It enlivens the connection between you and the universe. It fuels your mind and makes you send more powerful thoughts to the great Universe. The quality of your thoughts will make the universe create your realities. The more positive beliefs you send, the faster it will manifest. The universe is also controlled by natural laws or the laws of nature which can further help you understand better how the Universe works on your wishes. When you learn to respect these laws, you will know why you things happen in your life. When you learn to use these laws to make your life better, you have in you the best-kept secrets of people who have received amazing abundance in their lives. When you learn to trust the universe to create wonderful things and situations for you, you will receive more wonderful things.

    ©2016 Shay Freely (P)2017 Shay Freely

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